As John Johnston related in his email last week, our program on Monday will be a club discussion surrounding the possibility of moving our meetings to one of the other banquet venues we have visited this year.

To refresh your memory, I initiated a plan this year to take some ‘field trips’ to other facilities around the area to expose us to what was out there. I have heard from folks for several years that they would like our club to consider other sites and I felt the best way to pursue such a consideration was to visit a few and then have the club vote to stay at Seawell’s or go somewhere else.

The purpose of Monday’s meeting is to let you ask questions, make comments, or promote your own preferences. The board will listen and answer as many questions as we can. We will take all of this input under advisement as we decide how to proceed to a vote. The goal is to have a vote by no later than the end of May

If are unable to attend (or if you just want to get your two-cents in before the meeting), please feel free to email me your thoughts or questions so I can share with the rest of the board.  My email address is:

In addition to this club discussion, Neal Coyle will take a few minutes to educate us on our Columbia Scholars Program. This will help all of us understand a little better why we put so much time and effort into our Golf Tournament.

Hope to see you Monday:-)