A message from President John:

In order for us to reach our year long goals it makes sense for us as a club to set short term goals as part of the big picture.  This year we have set out to accomplish two primary goals:

1. 500 or more guests

2. Average attendance of 156 or more at weekly meetings.

President-elect Mark Sullivan has scheduled some fantastic program in August that will provide a great start to these two goals.  The board has set a short term goal for our August 11th meeting which will feature Todd Ellis as our presenter.  As a club we would like to have 200 or more in attendance at this meeting!  This would surpass our highest attendance count over the last 18 months.

Todd Ellis is the voice of the Carolina Gamecocks and will be giving a preseason report just weeks before the season starts.  This is a great opportunity to invite guests to enjoy a fun and entertaining program. 

As members interested in the growth and future of our club let’s be intentional about reaching out to 1-2 potential guest for this program.  Come, Invite, and Enjoy!