I will be at your club meeting Monday, December 16, to ask you to support Spring Valley Rotary Club’s annual fund raiser as you have in past years.

Please click here to download the order form describing the most delicious pecans in a variety of flavors. These products are the same as those offered last year, and even the prices are the same. They are available now through December 18. When I come to your meeting I will bring a display of our products to sell or to take your order for later delivery.

The purpose of our effort is, of course, to raise funds to support our many charities. Last year our sales netted over $43,000 thanks to you and to many individuals, groups and organizations. Our charities will benefit even more this year if you would share the brochure with groups you are associated with, or let me know whom I should contact. You may, of course, email your order to me at jkenmorris@earthlink.net  As you know, these products are great holiday gifts for employees and customers.

Thanks for helping us again!

Ken Morris