Please join us for lunch!

For our meeting Monday, June 12th 2023, we welcome
Ellen Weaver, South Carolina’s 19th State Superintendent of Education.

Ellen Weaver(1)

Ellen Weaver was elected as South Carolina’s 19th State Superintendent of Education on November 9th, 2022. Born in Greenville, Ellen has spent her career as a passionate advocate for educational excellence and opportunity for every student in her beloved home state, because she knows first-hand that a great education is the front door of the American Dream.

Ellen graduated from a great public school and earned her B.A. in Political Science, as well as a Master’s in Educational Leadership, from Bob Jones University. After graduation, she worked in Senator Jim DeMint’s office for 12 years in a variety of roles, finishing her time as his State Director. She founded Palmetto Promise Institute, a leading state public policy organization, in 2013. As President of Palmetto Promise, she worked tirelessly to improve the lives of her fellow-South Carolinians, with a specialized focus on education policy.

Between her research at Palmetto Promise and her work as a member and chair of the SC Education Oversight Committee, Ellen’s deep experience in education policy in South Carolina gave her a relentless passion for ensuring every child the hope and freedom found in an excellent education.

Ellen is focused on prioritizing the instruction of foundational skills, recruiting and retaining the best educators, and partnering with parents — as well as business and other community leaders — to prepare students for their personal path to success.