Join us Monday August 27th 2018 for Alyssa Hampton with TEDx Partnerships.

Alyssa Hampton, TEDx Partnerships

Alyssa Hampton TEDx PartnershipsBuilder of teams, partnerships, and commercial services. Believer in sharing ideas and talents to generate a ripple effect that creates change from many angles. Passionate about learning by doing, listening and traveling. Former Division 1 volleyball captain for the University of Denver, Teach for America teacher, Pearson Leadership Development Associate, and consultant to UK universities. Currently working for TED Conferences, a non-profit based in New York City. She loves the city and its proximity to Kansas City where she was born and raised as well as South Carolina where her family is increasingly spending more time!

TED Conferences is a non-profit, media production organization devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less) that are delivered at events. TEDx is a TED program designed to help communities, schools, and organizations spark conversation and connection through TED-like experiences volunteers self-organize under a free license granted by TED. Come to the Columbia Rotary Club meeting on August 27th to learn more about the mission of TED and TEDx, the program’s recent feats and exciting horizons in the year ahead, and how individuals, foundations, and corporations can get involved!

So make sure you bring a guest for this amazing presentation. Questions are very encouraged!