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For our meeting Monday, July 11th 2022, we welcome Haley Shealy & Katharine Padgett-Beard of 
Dickerson Children’s Advocacy Center

Haley Shealy Dickerson Children’s Advocacy Center
Kat Beard of Dickerson Children’s Advocacy Center

Haley Shealy works in development and communications at Dickerson Children’s Advocacy Center.
Haley is a Columbia native with over 14 years of non-profit executive leadership and development experience. Haley believes that no child should have to experience the trauma that we see here at Dickerson CAC and hopes to make a difference and spread the word about the great work we are doing to help children here at Dickerson.

Katharine “Kat” Padgett-Beard is one of four licensed therapists at Dickerson Children’s Advocacy
Center. Kat is a Columbia native who specializes in providing therapy to children and teens who have
been impacted by traumatic events. Kat is passionate about creating a safe, supportive space for children and teens to talk about their feelings and experiences. Kat hopes that every child who walks through the doors of Dickerson CAC knows they are believed and supported and that the events they experienced were not their fault.

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Haley Shealy
Development & Communications Coordinator
Dickerson Children’s Advocacy Center
140 Gibson Road Lexington, SC 29072