Please join us for Lunch!

For our meeting Monday Oct 11th we welcome Amy Carter, a National Board Certified teacher at Chapin High School.


Amy Carter is a National Board Certified teacher at Chapin High School in Chapin. Amy just completed her 22nd year of teaching English Language Arts to high school students. With an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in English Education and a Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina in Educational Technology, Amy has always sought to combine language and writing (authors’ writing and students’ writing) with the powerful collaboration tools that technology offers.

Amy’s teaching philosophy comes from Marianne Williamson’s urging to “Let your light shine so that others may be granted permission to do the same.” When a grumpy football coach made a difference in her own life as a tenth grader, she realized that she could do the same for others as a career and combine it with her love of story and communication to facilitate learning.

She believes that literature can keep us in touch with our humanity and teach students empathy that can foster future citizens that are better keepers of each other. She uses literature as a basis for genuine connection with students of all ability levels ranging from grades 9-12 and uses that rapport to help them become readers, writers, and storytellers in their own right. With her most recent professional investment in the Teacher Cadet program, she hopes to make an even greater impact as an advocate for public education by inspiring hopeful future educators that may one day become our colleagues.

As part of the state Teacher of the Year awards program, Amy receives a total of $25,000 and is provided with a brand new BMW to use while serving for one year as a roving ambassador providing mentoring, attending speaking engagements, working with teacher cadets and teaching fellows, leading the State Teacher Forum, and serving as the state spokesperson for over 50,000 educators.