As I stated at our meeting this past Monday, we have not traditionally held a meeting on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Due to the interest among our members in the upcoming vote on the City of Columbia form of government, however, we have decided to have an unofficial meeting with a special program from Scott Slatton of the Municipal Association of SC, who is very knowledgeable on Municipal Forms of Government.  Thanks to Rotarian Henri Baskins of the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council for securing Mr. Slatton’s attendance.




Scott is the Legislative and Public Policy Advocate at the Municipal Association of South Carolina.  His role on the legislative team focuses on researching, analyzing and reporting on long-range municipal legislative proposals and building relationships and strategies for implementing these proposals. His career includes experience as a political writer on Capitol Hill, work as a human resource and information technology director, as a town manager in North Carolina and as a city manager in South Carolina. Scott received a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Winthrop University and a master’s degree in public administration from George Mason University




What is an unofficial meeting, you ask? Well, there will be no sergeant-at-arms, no health and happiness, nor other club business to be done. We will keep attendance (you will get credit for a makeup) and Seawell’s will have a buffet set up for us. We will meet from 1-2pm and the buffet should be available by 12:15pm. Please be prepared to pay at the door the normal luncheon fee of $13.




I encourage you to bring guests. Our goal is to have an informed club and community. The plan is for Mr. Slaton to speak for approximately 30 minutes with the remainder of the time dealing with questions. Henri has agreed to take questions by email prior to the meeting to make sure your issue is covered. Her email is She and her staff will also conduct an anonymous straw poll at the end of the meeting on your preferred form of government.




Please let me know if you plan to attend and if you plan to bring guests. I need to give Seawell’s an approximate number by Friday.




Yours in Service,




Hal Stevenson