A message from President Hal:

Your board appreciates all the input and feedback we have gotten from everyone on our venue process. We are nearing the end. Below you’ll find a link to a simple, one question survey. Please put your name in the comment box and leave a comment if you would like to.  We will take the results of this poll under consideration and make a decision at our May 12 board meeting. As we have stated, we know the decision lies with us but we will not vote to move if there is not sufficient interest in doing so.

Before you vote, here is a little bit of additional information for you to consider. After our meeting at Agape, several folks felt the venue was too cramped, the food line noise was disruptive, and the acoustics had too much echo. Several board members met with the Agape representatives about these issues. They agreed to allow us to move the food line out of the main room. Instead of coming straight in from the entrance, you would sign in as before, but then turn right and go down a hallway and come in the main room from the back instead of the side. They will give us the use of a room and the hallway for the food. This will allow for latecomers to get their food and not have to cross the room and will also allow for anyone with special needs to have a table reserved at the back for maximum accessibility. They also informed us that they have already ordered acoustical tiles to help deaden the echo and have agreed to do even more if necessary. Their max attendance is 225 and they have 260 spaces available in the garage. We do not have the final cost of parking but expect it to be around $.50 in the garage.

We also met with Cal Seawell to discuss how he can improve our food at Seawell’s if we decide to stay there. We had a very productive discussion and he is willing to work with a “food committee” to help come up with a monthly menu that satisfies as many folks as possible. Seawells can hold up to 800 people and there is no cost for parking.

 Finally, we want to re-iterate one last time that this process is and always has been about bringing the club together and keeping it strong for the future. Service above Self requires we think of each other and the good of the club. This means all of us being more engaged and active in bringing in new members and serving our community, district, and the international community through active committee work (remember the motto for this Rotary year “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”). From our vantage point, this is already happening as we see so much engagement on this issue. Thank you all for that and the spirit with which you have expressed yourselves. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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