TO:                 Members of the Columbia Rotary Club

FROM:           Stephen Creech, President-Elect

DATE:            April 9, 2018

RE:                  Bylaws Revisions

In preparation for my year as club president, I feel it is necessary that we review and update our Bylaws. On March 29th, the Board approved a motion to bring the amended Bylaws (included with this memorandum) to the entire club for a vote. Our club’s Bylaws were last updated in October of 2003. Since this time we have made many changes in club practices that are not accounted for in the Bylaws. My intention is to capture these changes and modernize the Bylaws to reflect our current practice and prepare our club for the future. The following is a summary of the changes and what is intended by offering this amendment:


  • The election of a club secretary. This person would matriculate as a club officer and eventually become president-elect and then president. This creates leadership continuity that would be helpful in accomplishing our club’s mission. Note, if approved, we would have to elect both a secretary and a president-elect during the next election.
  • The establishment of a Programs Committee to provide support to the president-elect and allow for a committee to help carry out this function. I feel that good members of our club hesitate to assume leadership on the Board due to concerns they might become president-elect and be responsible for securing over 40 programs. This is a large task to undertake, and a committee could relieve the burden if managed effectively.
  • Recognition of our club’s meeting time at 12:30.
  • The establishment of a 50% attendance standard for club meetings and Board eligibility. This aligns with Rotary International’s updated policies.
  • A simplified committee structure with assignments that are based on our current practices and what is needed to have a thriving club.


The attached revision is “redlined” so that you can see what has been added and deleted. Please review these edits and let me know if you have any feedback. As the existing Bylaws prescribe, we will have a vote at a regular club meeting after the ten day consideration period. I have asked President Kerry to add the Bylaws amendment to the agenda of our April 30th meeting.


I am happy to discuss any concerns you may have with the proposed revisions. My cell phone number is 803-465-4948. Thank you for your consideration.