Winter Social @ The Lace House

The Winter Social will be at the Lace House tonight, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. We will NOT have our normal lunch meeting today.

The Lace House is known for its ageless appeal and is an elegant way to celebrate our club and being together. We will have valet parking! The valet parking is at the 803 Richland St, Columbia, which is the back of the Lace House.

We are selling tickets for $10 a pc. at the door and would encourage you to invite your spouse and anyone you think might be interested in having a closer look at Rotary and getting to know us a bit better.

For handicap accessibility:

Pls use the address of 1905 Gasden St, to go the back of the Lace house. (The actual address of the Lace House is 803 Richland St.)  There is parking in the back for handicap only with an elevator to the main floor.

A VERY Big Thanks to our very own member Jesse Bullard, Vice President of Southern Way has graciously offered to create the event and has helped us out CONSIDERABLY on costs.  So please use Southern Way for any of your events coming up that need catering as he is a very good friend to Rotary.

Thanks to all our current social sponsors!

Louisa Campbell, Lee Lumpkin, Katherine Davis, Glenn Matthews, Libby Gober, Margaret Clarkson, Carolyn Matthews, Beth Irick, Henry Clay, Doug Cochran, Elliott Powell, Jack Hupp, Bob Crutchfield, Rusty dePass, David Renaker, Bob Diggle, Andrew Clarkson, Rebecca Gunnlaugsson, Kishor Pokharna, Hal Stevenson, Henri Baskins, Stephen Creech, Mason Hardy, Frank Brown!



For Directions to the Lace House: