Please join us Monday Nov 9th 2020

For our meeting Monday Nov 9th 2020, we welcome Helen L. Brooks, RN, MSN, Ed. from Prisma Health.

Dr. Linda Bell

Helen L. Brooks, RN, MSN, Ed., SCRN Stroke Patient Educator Neuroscience Administration at Prisma Health. She has cared for patients across the lifespan for more than 36 years. Having practiced for several years in nursing education and nursing simulation, she transitioned back to the bedside providing Stroke focused education to patients, caregivers and nurses. As a frequently requested community educator she has provided stroke education specific to stroke types, risk factors, BEFAST and access to care. Her passion for educating patients, caregivers, and the community can easily be seen in her work in the development of the Prisma Health Stroke Patient Education Book, the Prisma Health TIA Booklet and community education materials.