Please join us for lunch!

For our meeting Monday, October 2nd, 2023, we welcome 
Danny Sanford, Still Hope President/CEO. 

Thomas K. Stringfellow

Danny is a Certified Retirement Housing Professional and holds a license in Nursing Home Administration. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, Danny has been involved in the retirement community industry since 1987 and has served in a variety of capacities for several not-for-profit sponsors such as CEO of Big Elm Retirement Community in Kannapolis, NC, Executive Director of Lowman Home in White Rock, SC, and CEO of Covenant Towers in Myrtle Beach, SC. He is the Past Chairman of SC Aging Services (formerly Board of the South Carolina Association of Not-for-Profit Homes for the Aging) and has written examination questions for the National Administrators Board of Examiners. Danny serves on the National Leading Age’s Board of Directors and is the first representative from the state of South Carolina.

Still Hopes is a mission-based organization focused on providing the greater Columbia area a hub for health and daily assistance with programs like Solutions for Living at Home, open amenities like our Wellness Center, and rehabilitative services available designed for speedy recoveries.